Buy home cooking from passionate cooks in your neighbourhood.

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What is neighbour flavour?

Just as Uber is connecting us with drivers on demand and Airbnb allows us to rent space in homes around the world, Neighbour Flavour enables us to buy home cooking from those around us.

Neighbour Flavour is bringing communities together by seamlessly connecting hungry neighbours with local cooks via a platform, mobile and web.

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Hungry Neighbour

Hungry neighbours can
buy home-style meals, without the fuss of shopping, cooking and cleaning

Hungry Neighbour

Home cooks can
earn money by making extra portions of what they're already cooking.

Each meal you purchase = one serve of food donated to feed Australians in need

Did you know that two million Australians seek food relief each year and around half of them are children?

For each meal purchased on the Neighbour Flavour app, a serve of food will be donated to Foodbank, Australia's largest hunger relief organization.

We are very proud of this partnership and hope that as you cook and buy amazing home cooked meals, you will be too.

Cooks, Monetise your passion

Sell extra portions of what you're cooking.


Snap a photo of what you're cooking or planning to cook.


Sell extra portions or tempt your neighbours for next time.


Serve up tasty meals for your neighbours.

Hungry Neighbours, Never cook again

Cooking should be a choice, not a chore.


Browse or search for what's cookin' around you.


Buy from local cooks. Chat to organise pick-up or delivery.

Bon Appetit

Enjoy home-style meals without cooking, in the comfort of your own home.

Ratings keep us accountable

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Both buyers and sellers are given a rating for each transaction. Ratings are used to promote quality and integrity.

Be amazing, be kind and get on board!

Prices set by Cooks

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Prices are set by home cooks. It's a fair and free market!

You can help reduce food waste!

A typical household discards 20% of the food they purchase.

Placed end-to-end, this would stretch three times longer than the distance between
Australia & New Zealand!

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